Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Welcome to Petal Lu Blog

A Blog! Now why have I gone and added more work to my ever increasing list? I scratch my head.......... because a Blog is a diary, a diary of events, progress and success (if anyone reads it!)

Talking of which, I've recently branched out to Australia, Singapore, Canada, US to name but a few countries and all thanks to the talented Christina Griffiths at Card Making Magic, click here for her link to tutorials, inspiration and lots and lots of flowers!

My first blog pictures are about to make their way to Australia and is a combination of colours in 2 different styles.

The Large

The Medium
The Small

I've loved doing this order, the customer has been in constant contact and shown enthusiam and excitment, makes me smile the whole time.

I do hope you will be back to see more pictures and as time moves on there will be links for more inspiration, and possibly a website link! In the meantime hit the contact button for more information of flowers that I can make and remember to visit my facebook page.



  1. Great idea and have just followed you and tweeted your link, saw my link on the sidebar and will ad yours to mine, are you already following mine? not that that matters but looking forward to watching this space xxxx muahh

  2. am getting excited now can't wait for my order to arrive, have joined your stalkers, sorry followers. Love Alison xx

  3. I'm getting excited now, have your link on my blog and would love you to join my blog as well. Here it is: and would love you to put my badge on your blog - it's on the right had side of my blog at the top, I'll be stalking the postman now. Many thanks Angexxoo